This blog is something I’ve been thinking about for a while but always told myself that it was a silly idea. Then I thought, what does it matter if no one reads it? and thought I would mention it to Brody, my husband. Well, as always, as my biggest support and biggest fan (as he likes to say), he thought it was a wonderful idea and said that I should go for it! So here I am…

I guess my journey really started with my husband’s journey and I know I am not the only one with this story. When Brody and I came back from a nine month trip through Africa, he decided he needed more fresh air, and an outlet for the frustration of settling back into life.

This outlet, turned out to be trail running.

Well, most people (including me at the time) thought this was an awesome idea! Until this turned from one day a week, and one small run here and there, to six or seven times a week and longer and longer runs.

When Brody said he wanted to start running about four years ago, I thought it was a great idea. He would get out of the house, he’d have a hobby, and would make new friends. Well, it certainly did all these things, but instead of getting him out of the house, it kept him out of the house. Instead of being a hobby, it became an obsession, and instead of creating new friends, it made me feel isolated.

As time went on, I decided that I would see what the fuss was about, get my sneakers dirty, and give this trail running thing a go.

I have always loved being outdoors, played many sported when I was younger, occasionally given a half arsed effort at running, and have always loved hiking. So I thought I would be supportive and try trail running. After all, surely if I loved hiking, I would love trail running?

This blog is a snapshot of a very frustrating and challenging, but also fun and often rewarding journey. So far we’ve had plenty of ups, downs, injuries and of course, every few months I still slightly lose my mind and spit the dummy at Brody for his non stop running chat …

Through this blog, I will explore aspects of this journey in more detail, and share with those who want to read it, the challenges that I’m sure many of us, as partners of runners, face.

This is a blog for anyone who supports (or puts up with) a partner addicted to running and the unique and often frustrating challenges this brings. Or alternatively, this may give runners a better insight into the perspective your loving and patient other half may have.

My name is Rianna, and to all the running partners out there, you are not alone 🙂

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